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Everybody Hates Joel

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Don’t get me wrong – I have always despised health and wealth ministries, and I hated them even as I was training to be a preacher myself – but something about the hive-minding, mob-justice-style of dogpilling directed at Mr. Osteen just isn’t right. I felt the allure of the pitchfork, too. To date, I have…

The Out Versus the In

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Imagine, if you will, the final moments of your own life, coming to an abrupt and violent end underneath the chassis of a grey Dodge Charger. Driven, with lethal intent, by a confused and angry white man, who, only hours earlier, might well have been chanting that a “Jew will not replace” him while holding…

Getting Help

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Disclaimer: Some readers may find this article troubling, discretion is advised. I am not a doctor, and this article is not presented as medical advice. I do my best to open about the mental issues I deal with personally, both because it makes me feel better, and also because I’m far too lazy for dishonesty….

The MLS Versus the City

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Yesterday, the city of St. Louis voted to reject a proposal that would have paved the way for a new soccer stadium. Judging by the frantic hyperbole being thrown around by soccer fans on social media, you could be forgiven for thinking the city voted against planting a money tree underneath the Arch, rather than…

Feedback Testing

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I am excited to introduce a new program for my small, but lovable readership. I am currently working on a non-fiction book about American politics. Like any author, I’m eager to get feedback from interested readers before it goes to print. That’s where you come in! I’m opening 5-10 spots to early readers who might…

New Book Incoming

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Not dead, just working on a new project.


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I spent the better part of five years as a technician for a telecommunications company, repairing mobile phones at a retail store just outside of St.Louis. In an effort to squeeze as much possible value out of this position, they saddled ‘lead’ technicians with the additional burden of inventory management. One afternoon, a sales representative…

The Women are Marching

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I’m not one for protesting. What troubles me, to be blunt, is the utility of shuffling along a street somewhere. What does it tangibly accomplish? What changes afterwords? I’m a skeptic in all things, and organized complaining doesn’t seem to solve problems. Walking a mile in downtown St.Louis with twenty thousand women has changed my…


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  What is feminism? Who is a feminist? I think it’s fair to say a man can be┬ápro-feminist, and I think he would be able to sufficiently defend this nomenclature in any context. The academic definition of feminism, many are quick to tell you, is the support of gender equity, and that this title can…

White House Horror

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  Our national nightmare is now a painful reality. President Trump gets inaugurated in January. What the hell happened? Losing the White House was one thing, but getting blown out of the House and the Senate are quite another, and we will face brand new problems in the Supreme Court. You can bet the Affordable…

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