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The Fall of Wikileaks

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    How on earth did one of the most beloved and trusted advocacy groups in the world turn into a tabloid? The problem isn’t about the usual bit-for-bit gamesmenship that takes place daily between the two ruling parties in the United States, this is far more sordid and despicable. It isn’t the Russian connection…

Persecute me – the Rise of the Alt-Right

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It is a new buzzword in the American political spectrum – the Alt-Right. It’s a demographic that Secretary Clinton has condemned, and Mr.Trump has actively sought to court. The Alt-Right, for those uninitiated, is a terrifying political development, proof positive of willful ignorance and perpetuated, hand-me-down styled racism and sexism. It is a hateful invention of…

Stand and Deliver: On Nationalism in Sports

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    I have written about the NHL, in one outlet or another, for the last ten years. I fell in love with hockey as a teenager, and after a twenty year playing career, it is one of my greatest passions. I love it more than most things, but I hate the brain-dead dose of…

The Beatitudes (by Donald Trump) 

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  Now when Donald Trump saw the crowds, he went up on a mountainside and sat down. His disciples came to him and he began to teach them. Trump said: “Blessed are the boastful, for they are winners and we frankly need more of them in this country.” “Blessed are those who show no mercy,…

My America Was Great

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  In the midst of The Great Depression, President Roosevelt told an unemployed and starving nation that the only thing they had to fear was fear itself. President Obama ought to tell this nation that the only thing they have to fear is themselves. We should fear our apathy, fear our aversion to critical thinking,…

Clinton Email Catastrophe

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    I’m outraged by Mrs.Clinton’s behavior. Yes, it is a big deal that she built a private email server, and yes, it was tremendously inappropriate and careless to violate the NSA’s guidelines for safely storing this data. Early in the scandal, I mentioned to a few close friends that the terms (emails hilariously delineated by…

Feeling the Bern

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  I think it’s only fair – given my history of gleefully attacking politicians who I feel are dishonest, corrupt, or immoral – to submit my own political endorsements, and to defend my reasoning behind their selection. I support Senator Sanders, and I am here to convince you to support him as well. I have…

Making America Great Again

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  When was I going to talk about Trump? I resisted writing about Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. For months. I ignored him for the same reasons I ignore the vapid rattlings of the North Korean state-sponsored media or the Westboro Baptist Church. There’s not much content to analyze in the first place, and lavishing hateful…

The West Lake Crisis

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  The West Lake Landfill in Bridgeton, Missouri has generated national media attention and drawn the near universal ire of residents forced to endure its noxious fumes. West Lake is much more than just a nuisance — the site contains radioactive nuclear weapons waste from The Manhattan Project. To make matters worse, the landfill has…

The Carson Dilemma

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Ben Carson isn’t a politician, devotees will undoubtedly tell you. He’s an outsider! He takes to his Facebook to adorably babble just like your weird uncle. He speaks with a patient cadence, timorous and self-effacing in a field of yelling bombasts. He oozes a quiet confidence, calmly organizing his pencil case on his desk while…

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