He296589_10150375315846598_824421597_8100656_827580566_ny everyone!

My name is Adam Steevens. I am the author of The United States of Repression and I write for this domain as well as a handful of other sites from time to time. If you live in the St.Louis area and are looking to purchase my book, please shop local first and buy it from Left Bank Books or Main Street Books in St.Charles. It is also available for sale on Amazon.

I don’t write anonymously and I am always happy to put my name behind my work. I own this domain, and I am responsible for all of its content. I stand behind what you read here.

You’ll notice I have comments turned off by default — I do this because of the religious trolls my work often attracts and for the same reasons expertly articulated by Matthew Inman on destructive criticism. If you need to contact me directly, please email me at adamsteevens@gmail[DOT]com or adam@ohcscast[DOT]com

-Adam Steevens